Sep 14, 2016

Summer Road Trip 2016 | San Fransisco

Hi!!! I'm sorry that I've not gone on my blog and made new posts, but I've been so busy with things this summer 2016! This post is about what I've done during the Summer so far.

Part 1

San Francisco

The road trip to San Francisco was 2 DAYS long. I  felt so carsick!!!! We stopped over in Salem, Oregon and stayed in a hotel for the night  before continuing on in the morning. Most of the time in the car, I was singing songs to the radio to cheer myself up.

Fisherman's Wharf

At Fisherman's Wharf we saw sea lions, street performers, and we went to this awesome place where they sold clam chowder in a bowl of sour dough bread! At that restaurant ( Boudin ) I ate ham and cheese with bacon for lunch. For my drink I had strawberry soda and it exploded!! It was quite funny when that happened (because I shook it on purpose!)

Lombard St. (Crookedest St.) 

The climb up to Lombard St. was so, so, so steep! But, it was worth the climb. Being up there was awesome!!!

China Town

In China Town the main highlight for me was the dim sum there. We had lunch at a famous dim sum restaurant. It was famous because Obama ordered take-out there and went to pick it up himself in person. I'm not sure of this but, I think that also Stephen Hawking went there because on a board there was a picture of him there. So we waited for around an hour and a half to be seated and then the food came......... DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! It turned out that we had ordered way too much food! We ordered sooooo much food that we had enough to eat for dinner too! So that's what we did, we had it for dinner. :)


When we got on the tram, I was a bit scared at first. Partly because we were going down a hill and then going back up! All the kids weren't allowed to go on the first cabin because they might fall out of the tram so I was quite sad. : (

Muir Woods

Muir Woods was definitely my favorite part of the trip. All the trees that I saw made me overwhelmed!!! The were so tall and so big!!! We were sadly not allowed to touch the trees because they may have ticks in them. I was soon happy because I got a bingo badge!! Basically if you find all the the objects on your card in a line you can get the badge!

This is what we basically did in San Francisco this summer, but this wasn't all that we did during this summer.   We also went to Vancouver, but I'm going to put that in my next post!

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  1. Aha, the truth comes out - you shook the bottle on purpose! Hmmm...