Oct 20, 2014


We had a Skype session in school with Ken Nesbitt.  He is a poet who writes lots of silly poems.  During our Skype, he showed us his website where there are loads and loads of his poems.  Our class and Mr. Nesbitt made up a poem together called Playing With Your Food where we gave him food words that rhymed and he put everything together into a poem.

Below is what we came up with (the first and third stanzas) during the Skype.  The second stanza (in pink) is what I added. (A stanza is like a paragraph in a poem. My mom told me that!)

Playing With Your Food

Swimming with sushi.
Tennis with tomatoes.
Skipping with spaghetti.
Polo with potatoes.

Golfing with grapes.
Bowling with beets.
Hockey with honey.
Sailing with sweets.

Baseball with bacon.
I'm in an awesome mood!
Nothing is better than
Playing with your food 


Here is one that I made up, called Imagine.


Imagine a stew
That tastes like glue.
Imagine James
Went up in flames.
Imagine Mary
Is really hairy!
Imagine a hill
That is on a grill.
Imagine dough
That could sew.
Just imagine!

I hope you like the poems! Oh, and just if you wanted to know how to make a funny poem, the trick I used was to make the words rhyme.  It could rhyme every line or sometimes every other line!  Try it --it's fun! 

Me, Zoe Self


  1. I love both poems, Z! Your "Imagine" poem got me laughing out loud --it's so funny! Cooking up poems sure sounds like fun. :)

  2. Zoe...I love your enthusiasm for Poems. Your poem "Imagine" is full of humour and imagination! Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice poems, Zoe! I really like the Imagine Poem!