Oct 19, 2014

Poetry Idol

For my class homework, we had to memorise or read a poem to the class! I could not decide which poem to say --Trees (by Joyce Kilmer) or Dreams (by Langston Hughes), --but in the end I chose Trees

Three children from each class got chosen to go to the finals.  From my class, I was one of the three that were chosen.  We had to say the exact same poem as what we had recited in class before ( for me I had to say Trees) and one person would win from each class and I WON from my class!  I did really like the poems that my other two classmates performed.  I thought they did great, too.

I felt really nervous while waiting for my turn to perform.  I had a thousand million butterflies in my stomach!  I really wanted to win.  When I found out I'd won, I was really happy and excited to find out what my prize was.  

I got a book called Pumpkin Grumkin as my prize. In this post I am going to share a poem from that book with you (see below)!

Here is me holding my prize!

A Sense-less Poem
By Carey Blyton

I'm having trouble with my ears-
They do not see so well.
My eyes are also failing fast-
They've lost their sence of smell.
My nose has lost its power of speech.
My tongue, its sense of touch.
Alas, your sympathy is in vain-
My hands can't hear you so much.

I really like funny poems like Ken Nesbitt's poems, because they're silly and they make me laugh.  What kind of poems do you like?

Me, Zoe Self

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  1. Congratulations on your win, Zoë! I am so happy that your hard word paid off. You kept practicing and practicing until you felt you got it right. :)