Feb 16, 2015

Valentine's Day!

Hi, I'm sorry I have not done a blog post for so long, but you should be HAPPY, right? Because now I have something to share with you........


I went to my friend's party (for Valentine's Day) and it was very fun! We played games, we decorated cookies, and we got to eat the cookies we decorated!  One of the games we played was Pin the Lips on Mr. and Mrs. Valentine.  My lips went to the tip of Mrs. Valentine's chin.  Somebody pinned the lips to the ear!  That was so funny!

I also made some artwork for my mom,dad, and my brother, Xtremeo! (<this is a link). Here it is!

I think my dad is the best dad ever because he is funny and he is very much like me!

I did this for my mom because she is very caring, kind and gives me cuddles everyday!

This piece is for my brother because he gave me a Pikachu and I love Xtremeo very much!  :)

I hope you like my art work but there is one more piece. My mom made one for me!!!

-from my mom (a.k.a. Buckeroomama - another link!)
Thank you for reading my post! Bye!!

Me, Zoë Self

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  1. These are all so wonderful, Zoë! I love the colors you picked and the creative patterns/designs you did for the different sections. We were all so happy that you made 'letter art' for us --thank you!! Mwah!