Mar 31, 2015

My Trip to Bali

Did you know that I went to Bali? Well, I kept a diary while we were there! This is what I wrote:
Saturday 28th of March

Today we arrived at Bali! A guy named Ari picked us up and brought us to the Villa. I like the villa but it is kind of dirty. I think it is dirty because I saw a frog, geckos and a spider. It was still fun though. The owner of the villa showed us around.

Sunday 29th of March

Today was more exciting than yesterday. We went to eat breakfast by the beach! The owner of the Vvlla's name is Paul and today we found out that he has a dog. We saw that his dog (Flynn) sat on the motorbike with Paul. When my brother and I were walking around in the sand, Paul came to me and asked if I wanted to get my hair braided with beads. I wanted to so I said yes and followed him, but it took about one hour.   :(

Monday 30th of March

Today we went to a lot of places such as: Batik (fabric, dresses, fans and other stuff shop), Gold and Silver shop (sells jewelry), Rice Terraces, Tanah Lot (a place to take beautiful pictures of sunsets), Monkey Park, a coffee and tea-tasting place (where we learnt how to kopi luwak is made and where we actually had a taste of it!). We also had dinner in a restaurant where there was a cultural show.

Tuesday 31st of March

Today we stayed home and just chilled. We watched Harry Potter Goblet of Fire and my mom and grandma had a massage.

This is what we have done so far but I will add to this later.

Me, ZoeSelf 

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