Aug 9, 2015

My 2015 Summer

(This is a VERY late post!)

Hello! Over the 2015 summer holidays we went to Toronto, Canada and we did a lot of fun things and I want to tell you about them! I know it is already 2017, but I forgot to finish this! Oops!

The flight to Toronto was very long and I only watched videos! We were in Toronto for a couple of days before we went on a road trip. We first of all went to Ottawa.

 After we checked into the hotel, we down town for dinner and walked to the Parliament. After that, we were tired so we went back to the hotel to sleep. The next day we went out for breakfast at Cora`s with my dad`s friend. Then we went to the Parliament and had a tour during the tour I saw some of the prime ministers.

Quebec City
When we were in Quebec City we went to the Citadel and we bought a really cute stuffie (stuffed animal) squirrel! We also went down town and saw people doing street performances. I also went and got maple ice cream but I got Bubble Gum ice cream. We all went on a night cruise and you could dance with the DJ or you could go up onto the top deck.

My favorite part of Montreal is when we went into the Labyrinth because it was a maze and I love mazes! We also went downtown.


  • I went Glow In The Dark mini golfing!
  • I watched the movie Inside Out, too!

What did you do this summer?


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