Jun 26, 2015

Percy's Journey

Hi! This is a story that I wrote for my school.  I hope you like it! 

In the middle of the night Percy ran through the forest. He could hear the leaves crunch below his feet. The sapphire blue light searched for his body. He was covered in mud. Branches snagged his clothes. His heart was racing. Percy didn't know the danger until he entered the forest.
Suddenly, Percy saw a flash and realized that he was in a dark stone cave. He heard someone talking to another person. The voice whispered, "Tonight we shall eat this boy, even if he is thin." Percy heard a laugh and footsteps. The voice was gone. He was so scared. His heart was pounding. He was sweating. He was really nervous.
He tried to find a solution. He saw some crystals that now covered the entrance. "What should I do?" he muttered to himself. There was nothing he could do; he was trapped. He thought there was no hope. What would happen now...?
All of a sudden, Percy saw something shimmering on the floor. He ran towards the object. It was a sword! He thought and thought.... Finally he had an idea. He sliced through the crystals. The light from the moon shone down on him. He breathed in the fresh air. He couldn't believe it. He was free.

I won an award called the 'Golden Goat Award' for the most unusual story.  Can you tell how happy I was?

Please do leave me some comments regarding my story in the comments section below.

Me, Zoe Self



  1. Zoe, I love how you describe Percy's adventure. I can see it so clearly in my mind - especially the sapphire blue light.

    1. Thank you. I was inspired by my brother's stories.